Cara Gardner

The Little Tiger that Could

In a recent shamanic healing I removed an attached spirit from a young womans energy field. This is common training for shamanic practitioners to detect, heal and remove spirits from people and places. From what I understood, this spirit had taken his own life recently and was unable to cross over due to the traumatic nature of his death. It is possible to offer healing and act as a bridge to help them go to the light. This is called psychopomp work- aiding the dying and dead on their way to the next phase of existence. I suspect my clients headaches, anxiety and depression will be alleviated now, helping her get back to her normal self.

The rate of suicide in Galway is staggeringly high. There was a suicide every two weeks in 2015 and 90% of them were male. It is such a profoundly complicated and emotional issue. An old friend of mine was haunted by the suicide of his teenage best friend decades ago in Galway. This person couldn't voice the pain in his soul and tragically ended his life. When mental illness goes undiagnosed and untreated, life can feel unbearable. It is our work as therapists to support and show people that healing and recovery is possible. Some brave men are also coming forward now to speak about depression and mental illness to help lift the stigma, which is critical. Depression and suicide is a rampant worldwide issue that reflects a piece of this world that is utterly broken. When men are not allowed to express their emotions or unconditionally love themselves it is tragic for themselves and society. We all suffer.

I saw a video this week that seemed so symbolic for this issue. This little tiger is at the Black Jaguar White Tiger foundation in Mexico, a sanctuary for rescued big cats. The owner Eddie has been taking daily care of this little orphan who came to him with 10 fractured bones due to malnutrition. He couldn't move at all and was in extreme pain. Little by little he has been making miraculous progress from the brink of death. And yesterday he took his first foot steps which moved 5 million people and Eddie to tears.

I don't know why or how a person makes that final decision to end their life. It is the greatest aberration of our species. In contrast here is this small but heroic moment of a tiger who was beaten down by society fighting for its survival showing us without dispute how precious life is. How could any one person ever think they deserve less than this? The tiger, the most powerful animal on earth and symbol of strength is here showing us that our natural instinct is to fight to survive. I support all men in finding the courage to love the broken tiger within their own hearts, to learn to walk through the pain and realize the value of their authentic nature and power including their vulnerability and fears. We need the brave hearted men.


"I have been lucky enough to realize that life on this Universe is hanging by a thread. Death is always stalking us. And most of the time we don't realize how close we come to die. But nothing is accidental, everything is part of an Existential plan, and just like one second we are close to die, the next one we are at our best. This is life, full of complements (Not contradictions)." 
Eddie - Director of Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation
Doug Leddin