Hello Darkness My Old Friend

When did all this start? Where did it all go wrong? 

Facebook Friends, Twitter followers, Instagram followers, Snap Chats, What's App Groups, LinkedIn Accounts, Emails, Texts, Best Friends, Groomsmen duties, Girlfriends and an extended family the size of an Italian mafia with the best cousins around and yet I never felt more alone.

But not because of a lack of friends or family, I'm blessed I'v the best group of mates you could wish for and as for family, Christ I don't know how I was lucky enough to get the Mum and Dad I have, I can do no wrong, even when I definitely do! They have been my support blocks my whole life, never seen such selfless people, they only want what's best for me and my sister speaking of which she's always been there to put me down as sisters do and to pick me up just as quick.

From the outside looking in, I had it all great school and friends, some great jobs growing up yet I was so unhappy with myself and my life and my future looked so bleak as a teenager. 

But none of that matters when you feel the darkness and that darkness is something thats affected my whole Adult life, but I wont let it affect me anymore! 

Over the last few years I'v wanted my life to end but I'v made a promise with someone I won't ever let it get that bad again and I won't. But I also made a promise to the same person that I'd start to accept my condition and greet it head on and here we are. 

I have accepted my depression and I will continue to accept depression and know that if I do that this darkness will turn into a light. 

Please don't sit in the darkness for too long I have and it's awful, talk to your family friends girlfriends boyfriends granny or granddad or maybe someone not close to you at all, it does help things a lot, for me when my family found out it made it easier to live with and to cope. 

But we don't all have supportive families or friends but we do have amazing organisations throughout Ireland and worldwide who want to listen! 

Max Fedorov