Running away from my fears

Well not exactly, this blog post is short but has a point. 

A really amazing guy once told me, well once told the nation that he dealt with the dark days by running, be it at 2pm or 2am if he was having a bad time he would go for a run and that would help him release some of his anxiety and darkness. 

After trying everything I could up until this point to help me when I went into this dark scary anxious place I decided that maybe this would help. 

And so I went off and got myself some running shoes, shorts and away I went and I couldn't believe how much better I felt for doing it, for getting out into the fresh air and almost running away from the darkness. 

It wasn't about the distance or the speed for me it was about the feeling, that feeling of escaping and facing my issues face on, thinking through them on the open road with no phone or music just me and my thoughts and for most and me included the idea of having my thoughts and my thoughts only would scare the living daylights out of me but when I put on those runners and went out that door and ran I would start breaking down these fears and the dark thoughts and combat them. I would be crying, laughing and panicking during my run but by the time I got back home I would feel so much calmer. 

Running was my medication for so long! 

Not being a runner for 25 years meant that after two or three years my knees started to react and having been in a life changing car crash I knew I couldn't do it forever so I took to the Gym and started training with Colin Gaffney who was an absolute rock for me over the past ten years. 

He never gave up on me in the later years and I wouldn't give up on him, he was just there for me when I needed him most and the training we did really helped me escape. It was a massive support mechanism for me for so long. 

Nowadays I train in Flye Fit in Dublin and Active24Fitness in Galway and they are both such amazing places and I love it, it really does help me calm down and release this negative energy that eats me up inside. 

Next week I hope to do some training with Eanna Walsh from Bare Knuckle Bipolar and see how his MMA training helps him with his day to day struggle. 

If you do suffer from depression, bipolar, anxiety and so on I would 100% recommend trying out a sport or running or even the gym as it might just help you!

Max Fedorov