Why the wait? What am I up to!

Why wait this long to post the website? 

Im not entirely sure! It's been a strange thing to come to grips with it all, everything happened so fast and then the summer came rushing in on me and I just wasn't ready to post often and I didn't want to half do it! 

I'm a fairly full on person, unless I know I can give it 200% I tend to shy away from things but its all been an amazing experience. I suppose I was just nervous launching a website where I talk about myself on a weekly basis but I think its a good thing and I think its the right thing to do! 

The video that I made that started all of this off for me has changed how I look at everything and it has also allowed me to open so many doors and meet so many amazing people. 
On September 9th I will do my first ever public speaking event for the MI Mind event in the Opium Rooms. 
What I will speak about I don't know! In October Im involved in the Light Ball 2016 in Dublin which is going to be an amazing event which will take place in the Burlington Hotel with all money raised going to Pieta House.
In October i'm also speaking at the Mental Health Summit in the Aviva and also doing a piece on TV3 for Mental Health week! 

Finally i'm working on another television project I really hope will come to light in the next few months and I will keep you posted on that when I know more! 

So its all going well and I'm scared as hell but keeping positive knowing that the more people who speak up on Mental Health the better things in Ireland will become! 

But how have I been feeling? Fantastic to be honest, i'm loving work at the moment its going very well and i'm so grateful for that and i'm getting more involved in a hotel in Galway called the Connacht which is an amazing opportunity to showcase what I can do in the marketing world for a Hotel. I had a few nice trips over the holidays got to visit my sister in the states, which was incredible and overall my mental health has been good, not 10 out of 10 i'v had some bad panic attacks and some crappy days but knowing I can speak to countless people about it now makes my life so much easier!

This is a short piece but I promise to keep them short but regular! 

Thanks for reading!  

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